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Eskom is a Risky Business and Expensive!

Costly Monthly Power Consumption

From the bellow viewgraph, the right picture depicts Eskom's tariffs from 2007 to 2019. It reveals a scary average yearly tariff growth of 37%! (37% = 446%/12 years).

On the left picture, a comparison between the Utility cost at 20% increase, Green cost at 10% increase and Green Savings are depicted. After year 10, pure savings are accrued, and for 20 years and more, *the Convenience* of not being part of Eskom's Load shedding schedule, that inevitably are becoming more random and tariffs are steadily increasing; in the meanwhile Green Energy provides *the Saving opportunity* and allows you to put more money in your own pocket instead of Eskom.
That are the main reasons why more people turning to Green Energy.


Solar 4 Sectional & Full Title

Our commitment lies in the warranties provided by our suppliers, installers and financial services.


Huawei leverages its advantages in digital and power electronics technologies, and innovates in integrating its established digital technologies with PV, energy storage, cloud, and AI technologies.

Mustek technologies address the demand to reduce the costs related to daily operations by providing a complete and scalable solution that can partially or completely take you off-grid.

Financial Services

Trafalgar Financial Services (“TFS”) is an authorised financial services and credit provider with a specialist property finance focus for all juristic, residential entities including, but not limited to, sectional title bodies corporate, non-profit home owners’ associations, share block companies and property owning entities. With a loan book in excess of R100 million, Trafalgar Financial Services is one of the largest, niche financiers, of residential complexes in South Africa.


Our installers are PV Green Card members. Solar panels and inverters are guaranteed for a period ranging from 20 to 25 years, and 10 years, extendable to 20 years respectively, with an average standard warranty period of 20 years. FusionSolar Smart PV Solution-Device Replacement Commissioning: 24 hours.


The PV GreenCard has been developed to promote safe and high-quality Solar PV installations. The PV GreenCard Programme focuses on education, skills development, and training to build installer capacity as well as improve standards development and compliance in line with international best practice.

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