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Eskom is a Risky Business and Expensive!

Costly Monthly Power Consumption

From the bellow viewgraph, the right picture depicts Eskom's tariffs from 2007 to 2019. It reveals a scary average yearly tariff growth of 37%! (37% = 446%/12 years).

On the left picture, a comparison between the Utility cost at 20% increase, Green cost at 10% increase and Green Savings are depicted. After year 10, pure savings are accrued, and for 20 years and more, *the Convenience* of not being part of Eskom's Load shedding schedule, that inevitably are becoming more random and tariffs are steadily increasing; in the meanwhile Green Energy provides *the Saving opportunity* and allows you to put more money in your own pocket instead of Eskom.
That are the main reasons why more people turning to Green Energy.


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